Wigan CCG: 'Would recommend the Envisage system to any CCG or GP Practice'

Wigan Borough CCG recently purchased 55 Envisage Health Awareness Systems over an 18-month period under the Prime Minister’s Challenge Fund (PMCF) spread across 63 GP Practices. Michael Davis, Informatics Officer at the CCG, was delighted with the entire process, from initial discussions right through to installation and training of their staff:

“Project planning was relatively straightforward and Numed were extremely adaptable to the changing timetables and needs that a project of such a large scale required.

During the auditing process, a representative from Numed came to our location and stayed a number of days whilst we went out to visit all the GP practice sites to audit and document every install location and also note any interim remedial works that may be required for additional power and networks. They were extremely efficient and very willing to discuss the individual requirements that each Practice Manager requested, as well as taking into account managed and unmanaged building requirements and regulations.

All deployment timescales were kept as agreed and the deployment teams were adaptable when required and at all times polite and respectful. The teams worked efficiently and tidily and respected the wishes of the GP practice staff and they were always mindful of the GP patient environment.

Initial handover of completed installs to GP Practices required a more concise method of information for when Practice Managers were not available on the day. All practices received a Welcome Pack with all the relevant information on how to use the system and the support available. Practices were offered a Basic or Advanced online training session which were highly praised by the GP Staff. Training could also be re-given on request. This is a brilliant service to be offered to practices that can sometimes have staff sickness or starters and leavers.

I have spoken with many of our GP Surgery Practice Managers to obtain feed-back on support and without exception I have received nothing but praise for the knowledge and efficiency of the support engineers.

We are extremely pleased with the whole project from the technology used to the support. With the recent introduction of the Enterprise Management System we feel this empowers the CCG with the ability to get a message across all systems across the Borough in a matter of minutes. Ideal in an emergency, or for any major campaigns. We would recommend this system to any CCG or GP Practice.”

To find out more about Envisage, and the benefits of health awareness through digital signage for your GP practice or health centre, call us on: 0114 243 3896 or email: sales@numed.co.uk.