Blood Pressure Cuffs

Numed offer blood pressure cuffs in a wide range of sizes. Our BP cuffs are for both the Stabil O Graph monitor, the IEM Mobil-O-Graph 24 Hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor (ABPM) and for use with the WatchBP O3 devices.

We stock blood pressure cuffs that are high quality and CE approved - browse our range to find one to suit your requirements.

We have a large variety of sizes that will fit the majority of arm circumferences from extra small, right through to large adult. Our Suntech CT40 Blood Pressure Cuff - Large Adult Plus is suitable for arm size 40cm - 55cm. We also offer smaller cuffs such as the Microlife WatchBP Home Cuff - Small for arm sizes that are 17-22cm.

The Microlife WatchBP Cuffs can be used with the WatchBP O3 devices and are made with top quality materials that are durable and hardwearing, giving them a long life.

How do I determine which blood pressure cuff size to use for the patient?

According to Livestrong, in order to gain an accurate reading, blood pressure cuffs should be the correct size for the patient’s arm. A blood pressure cuff that is too small could give an inaccurately high reading, or a cuff that is too big, could give a reading that’s too low.  

For each of our IEM, GE Carescape,and SunTech blood pressure cuffs, we list the suitable arm circumference to use them on.

For example, the IEM Mobil-O-Graph Blood Pressure Cuff (Extra Small) is designed to fit arm circumferences between 14 - 20 cm. The GE Carescape V100 DuraCuf Blood Pressure Cuff with Dinaclick Connector - Adult is suitable for arm size 23cm - 33cm.

Why are disposable sleeves for blood pressure cuffs necessary?

Disposable blood pressure cuffs reduce the risk of infection. The cuffs are for one-use only and provide the same level of comfort and accuracy as regular blood pressure cuffs but can be disposed of when the session with each patient has ended. This helps to reduce the risk of cross-infection from contaminated accessories.