ECG Event/Holter Recorders

Numed Healthcare offer a wide range of ECG event/holter recorders from leading brands, including IEM. Easy-to-use and discreet, our ECG holter recorders are ideal for both primary and secondary care. 

One of our best-selling holter monitors is the CardioScan 24hr ECG Holter Recorder. Designed for surgeries wanting to promptly diagnose cardiac problems such as Angina and Heart Failure, this system can record 3 ECG channels for up to 48 hours.

ECG holter monitors provide a rapid solution which help to avoid the usual delays and sizeable costs associated with hospital referrals. Our Mediserve Support is available for our ECG holter monitors, including unlimited support and aftercare for your team.


When are holter monitors used?

If a patient has been having symptoms such as chest palpitations, shortness of breath or a racing heart, their heart activity is often monitored over a 24-hour period, whilst they continue with their day-to-day activities. ECG holter monitors are primarily used to perform this 24-hour ambulatory ECG procedure. 

What are the advantages of holter monitors?

Holter heart monitors allow a patient to continue with their day-to-day activities whilst their heart is monitored.  

These 24-hour ECG monitors are safe and non-invasive for the patient. Designed for easy usage, they can be placed in a pouch, to go around a neck, in a pocket or attached to a belt.

What is a normal heart rate on a holter ECG report?

A normal adult heart rate is between 60 & 100 beats per minute.

What’s the difference between holter monitors and event monitors?

Holter monitors record continuously, often monitoring over a 24-48 hour period whilst the patient continues with their everyday life. However, an event monitor does not continually monitor the patient’s heart. Instead, it just automatically starts recording when it is activated, for example when an abnormal heart rhythm is detected. They are often worn for at least a month.