Defibrillator Accessories

Defibrillators are becoming increasingly common - if you have a life-saving defibrillator, you can enhance it with something from our range of defibrillator accessories. We supply everything from wall brackets and cabinets to prep kits and data recovery cables.

Defibrillators need to be easily accessible - our range of cabinets and wall brackets are ideal for this. The Aero Outdoor Digital Heated Defibrillator Cabinet with Keypad Lock is our premium outdoor cabinet. This provides a visible and secure way to store your Public Access Defibrillator and is fully waterproof.

The HeartSine Samaritan PAD Paediatric PAD PAK Cartridge is suitable for infants and children younger than 8 years or less than 25kg. They have a 3 year shelf life so these can be replaced to keep your PAD in-date and rescue ready.

Who should have a defibrillator?

There is no law obliging anyone to have an AED, but a business can be liable in negligence for not taking appropriate safety precautions.

The Health and Safety Executive requires companies to carry out a risk assessment. If this establishes there is a need for an AED, they recommend training all staff to use an AED.

It’s vital to consider the risks to your staff and visitors a when choosing whether you implement a defibrillator on your premises.

Where should my defibrillator be placed?

Defibrillators should be as accessible as they can be to the public. On a business premises, it is recommended to be a maximum of a 90-second brisk walk from any staff member. It should not be locked away, it should be easily visible, on display and accessible to anyone.