Medical Scale Accessories

Numed Healthcare offer a complete range of medical scale accessories. From SECA carry cases and SECA measuring rods, right through to trolleys for baby scales and rechargeable battery packs for chair scales, we stock all that you need.

We understand the increasing demands of healthcare so all of our ranges are designed to make life easier for any healthcare professionals.

Some of our most popular medical scale accessories are the SECA carry cases. The SECA 413 Carry Case is one of our best-sellers and is compatible with SECA 384 and 385 baby scales.

The SECA 220 Telescopic Measuring Rod is compatible with all SECA column scales. Once fitted together, both height and weight can be measured together in one time-saving step for the doctor, nurse or healthcare professional.

Is a Class III approved scale required in a clinical setting?

According to the NAWI (Non Automatic Weighing Instruments) directive, scales that are not Class III approved are not suitable for clinical use.

If a medical scale is used to weigh patients for monitoring, diagnosing and medical treatment, it should be Class III approved. Approved scales go through rigorous, thorough testing to ensure they are reliable and accurate be used in a medical environment.