Blood Pressure Accessories

Numed Healthcare supply a range of blood pressure accessories for both digital and 24-hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitors (ABPM). Our blood pressure accessories are of the highest quality and have been carefully chosen to provide the best compatibility with your ABPM. Our range includes products from leading brands such as IEM and Microlife.

One of our most popular blood pressure accessories is the IEM Mobil-O-Graph Pouch with Velcro Fastener and Strap. This protective pouch enables the Mobil-O-Graph device to either be worn over a shoulder or secured to a belt. 

Another bestseller is the pack of 50 Cotton Disposable Sleeves for Blood Pressure Cuffs. For single patient use, these cotton sleeves can be worn underneath the blood pressure cuff, ensuring high standards of hygiene and patient comfort.


What are disposable sleeves for blood pressure cuffs?

Cotton disposable sleeves for blood pressure cuffs are simple and cost-effective at improving hygiene and comfort for the patient when performing blood pressure measurements. The patient wears this underneath the blood pressure cuff to provide a barrier between the cuff and the patient’s skin, significantly improving the experience for patients.

How do disposable sleeves for blood pressure cuffs work?

Reusable blood pressure cuffs have been shown to be a major source of bacterial contamination and play a role in the spread of HCAIs in hospitals and other healthcare locations. Disposable sleeves are one-use only, therefore, using these helps to reduce the risk of cross-infection from contaminated accessories.