Baby Scales

Numed Healthcare offer a range of Class III Approved, lightweight toddler and baby scales from SECA. Our scales provide a range of functions to make weighing easy for nurses, doctors and care providers.

Our SECA digital baby scales are highly precise and feature innovative technology with a space-saving design, making the weighing process as accurate and simple as possible. Designed to make babies feel comfortable when being weighed, these are the ideal choice for both the healthcare professional and patient.

Our baby scales come with a 2 or 4 year warranty and are class III approved. The SECA 336i Class III Wireless Digital Baby Scale is one of our best-selling scales.  This scale also features a large, easy-to-read LCD display and a built-in handle that can also be used to hang the scale on a wall bracket or hook.

Here at Numed Healthcare, we offer a complete package and also stock a wide range of Medical Scale Accessories.


Can I integrate the weighing results with my patient records?

Many of the baby and toddler scales feature a USB port to connect the barcode scanner for patient identification. A number of our scales are also wireless. 

What does the Hold function do on my scales?

The Hold function on the scale shows the weight of the patient after they are off the platform.