Wireless Height Measures

Numed Healthcare offer a range of height measures suitable for a wide variety of clinical situations. If you’re looking for a wireless solution for measuring heights, take a look at our selection of wireless height measures.

One of our best-selling products is the SECA 274 Wireless Height Measure. With a measuring range from 30 centimetres to 220 centimetres, this can be used for everyone, from small children through to adults.

Not only do we provide wireless height measures, but we also offer a complete 2-in-1 solution with our wireless measuring stations. With the station, it is simple and quick to determine height and weight in just one step.

Along with our range of wireless height measures, we offer a complete package with our Height Measure Accessories.


What is a wireless height measure?

It is crucial for a patient’s height data to be recorded correctly on their medical file. Height measures with wireless functionality transmit patient height readings to an external device or database.

What are the benefits of wireless height measures?

Along with precise measurements, the manual administration tasks of recording results to medical records is removed - saving vital time. This also removes the risk of human error.