Numed Healthcare offer a wide range of defibrillation products. From our lightweight, compact HeartSine AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) to all the required defibrillation accessories such as cabinets, brackets and prep kits. 

The HeartSine defibrillator products are designed for use by rescuers of all skill levels and are saving lives in more than 40 countries.

If you’re looking a complete solution, Numed Healthcare can help - choose from one of our defibrillator packages. These fully automatic HeartSine defibrillators come with an adult PAD-pak, an internal wall cabinet and AED prep kit. There is only one expiration date to monitor and only one item to replace after use, making them very efficient to manage.

It’s fundamentally important to install this life-saving defibrillation equipment into private and public places, protecting members of the public. At Numed, we were delighted to find that a HeartSine defibrillator in a dentist surgery saved another life. Read this incredible story in our case studies section.