Medical Scales

Here at Numed, we supply and support a comprehensive range of medical scales. You’ll find everything from bariatric scales and toddler & baby scales, right through to wheelchair scales, floor scales and column scales. Our wide range of scales are from one of the leading worldwide brands, seca.

Seca Scales

Seca is a globally leading medical scale manufacturer innovatively improving patient care. Every scale has been designed to provide comfort for your patients as well as offer easier ways to measure, read and store patient weight data for GP practices, hospitals and all medical professionals.

Baby Weight Scales

Baby scales are a type of medical scale. They are designed to allow medical professionals, such as GPs and nurses, to measure the smaller weights of a baby and monitor even the smallest of changes in a baby’s weight.

Seca offers a range of baby scales, such as the seca 376 Class III Digital Baby Scale, that have been developed to offer compatibility with wireless systems, streamlining processes for GPS and hospitals by transmitting weight measurement data with just one click to a PC or printer.

The seca 376 Class III Digital Baby Scale is one of our most popular baby weighing scales due to its compatibility with wireless systems, clear controls that are located to the ergonomically shaped side of the scales, and its large LCD display that makes it easy to read weights. Improve your GP practice or hospital processes by making it easier and quicker to store patient weight data with Seca’s medical scales.

Browse our range of Seca scales and find the right medical scale for your practice today.


What is the maximum weight for a bariatric scale?

Bariatric scales are designed for heavier patients. They feature a large surface for the comfort of your patients and have a high load-bearing capacity which varies with each scale. Unlike other medical scales, bariatric scales offer accurate weight measurement for patients with a higher BMI helping you obtain accurate patient information for all types of people. The SECA 635 Class III Wireless Platform and Bariatric Scale features a weighing range of up to 300 kg.

What does the Breast-Milk-Intake-Function do?

Many of the SECA baby scales feature a Breast milk intake (BMIF) measurement functionality - determining how much milk the baby has consumed. This is so the weight of the baby recorded, before feeding, can be subtracted from the weight recorded after they have breast fed. This is all done at the touch of a button automatically.

What is the benefit of the integrated measuring rod?

The SECA 233 measuring rod is for the SECA 376 scales. It features an integrated head and foot positioner, turning scales into a complete weighing and measuring system. This means weighing and measuring can be completed in a single time-saving step.

What are medical scales?

Medical scales are weighing scales used in a medical environment. They are professional-grade and provide a high degree of accuracy and reliability to support medical professionals, such as GPs and nurses, to gain accurate weight measurements to monitor a patient’s health. They come in a variety of types as each is designed for a specific use, for example baby scales are made to help monitor a baby’s development and require a scale that can show small weight differences. On the other hand, bariatric scales are used to monitor the weight of someone with a heavier BMI where a standard medical scale may not be able to accurately measure due to weight capacity limits. There are also wheelchair scales, floor scales and column scales available.

What is a class III approved scale?

A Class III approved scale is a scale that has been approved by the NAWI (Non Automatic Weighing Instrument) directive. 

There are separate classes governing this - 1 to 4. Class III approvals include medical weighing machines.

Weighing scales to be used in a medical environment, such as hospital, clinic, GP surgery, care home, should always be Class III approved. Scales that are not Class III approved are not suitable for clinical use.

Which medical scales are the most accurate?

Class III approved medical scales are accurate and reliable and are likely to be more accurate than home scales.

Here at Numed, we sell a number of accurate scales such as:

SECA 685 Class III Wireless Digital Multifunction Scale

SECA 877 Class III Digital Flat Scale for Mobile Use

SECA 878 dr Class III Digital Flat Scale