Wireless Scales

Numed Healthcare offer a wide range of wireless scales, from digital baby scales and column scales, right through to wireless measuring stations and bariatric scales.

The scales and measuring stations are equipped with wireless technology to simplify weighing appointments for the healthcare professional.

Some of our best-selling medical scales are the SECA 704 Class III Wireless Digital Column Scale. From weighing children to heavy patients – the SECA 704 scales are ideal for all. It’s simple to find BMI and height. The SECA 704 wireless scales feature time-saving functions such as Pre-TARE, HOLD, auto-HOLD and mother/child-function. - making them a popular choice.

We aim to provide complete solutions and to simplify weighting appointments, so we also offer a wide range of medical scale accessories too.


What is a wireless scale?

It is vital for patient data to be recorded accurately. Scales with wireless functionality transmit patient weight readings to an external device or database.

What are the benefits of wireless scales?

Automatic data transfer removes the risk of human error. Attaching and recording results onto a patient’s record can be a time-consuming process, so removing manual entry saves vital time for health care professionals.