Vital Signs Blood Pressure Cuffs

We supply vital signs blood pressure cuffs in a wide range of sizes. From infant cuffs at 8-13 cm right through to large adult plus cuffs at 40-55 cm.

Our extensive variety of cuffs ensure you can deliver high-quality care for your patients. Convenient and easy to clean, they help to streamline appointments, saving the healthcare professional time and improving patient hygiene.

Our vital signs blood pressure cuffs are compatible with both the Suntech CT40 Vital Signs Monitor and the Carescape V100 Vital Signs Monitor.

Are vital signs monitors customisable?

Many vital signs monitors are customisable with vital signs accessories.

For example, the GE Carescape V100 Dinamap Vital Signs Monitor is fully customisable. Choose from a range of blood pressure cuff, temperature probe and SpO2 options. You can also add a rolling stand to the Carescape V100 monitor, and it can be configured with an optional printer when required.