Vital Signs Monitors

At Numed Healthcare, we provide advanced, top quality vital signs monitors from leading brands Huntleigh and GE Carescape.

One of our most popular vital signs monitors is the GE Carescape V100 Dinamap Vital Signs Monitor. The Carescape V100 is used in a many hospitals in the UK due to its high accuracy, durability and lightweight, portable frame. The monitor can be customised to suit your needs, including blood pressure, SpO2 and temperature probe options.

Browse our range of vital signs accessories and vital signs blood pressure cuffs.


What do vital signs monitors measure?

Vital signs monitors help healthcare professionals to monitor a patient’s health more effectively.

For example, stand-alone temporal artery thermometers measure body temperature. All-in-one vital signs monitors can measure SpO2 (the amount of oxygen in the blood), pulse rate, temperature and blood pressure.

How does a vital signs monitor work?

A vital signs monitor allows the medical professional to detect, and monitor the physiological parameters of a patient. If one of the measurements is below or above the normal for their demographic, or any other adverse activity is detected, an alarm system will alert medical professionals.