Height Measures

Numed Healthcare offer a comprehensive range of mechanical and wireless height measures from leading brand SECA. Suitable for a variety of clinical situations, our height measures offer a range of capacities and graduations.

The SECA 285 Class III Wireless Measuring Station is one of our most popular products. Designed to include the high capacity, stable scales platform with heel positioner and the integrated SECA Frankfurt Line for precise head positioning, this SECA height measure and scales is state of the art.

Whether you need a height measurement tool for in the clinic or off-site, the SECA 217 Height Measure is affordable and reliable. Its large and stable base provides full confidence in the measurements recorded.  

Here at Numed, we strive to offer complete solutions and to make life easier for healthcare professionals - we also offer a wide range of height measure accessories too.


How do I ensure height measurement is not affected by a patient’s hair?

In the first instance, remove any hair accessories and undo/adjust any hair styles that may inhibit the measurement.

If a patient has a hairstyle that is impossible to adjust, use an implement that has a known measurement e.g. a rod.

Place this through the hair, touching the crown of the head. Measure the height of the patient including the length of the rod. Subtract the length of the rod from the total results, in order to get an accurate height measurement for the patient (without hair interference).

What is the 'Frankfurt Plane' position?

The majority of errors in height measurements are due to varying positions of the body and head. To ensure the most accurate results, the patient should be measured with a head position in the ‘Frankfurt Plane’.

The Frankfurt Plane is a head position where the centre of the ear hole would be in line with the lower margin of the eye socket, if an imaginary line was drawn. Here is an example diagram from GOSH, to show this.

Many height measurers feature an integrated SECA Frankfurt Line for precise head positioning, such as the SECA 285 Class III Wireless Measuring Station and Column Scales.