ECG Accessories

Numed Healthcare offer a comprehensive range of ECG accessories, including ECG software, ECG alligator clips and ECG trolleys. Our carefully chosen ECG accessories offer the highest quality, from leading brands such as IEM and GE Healthcare.

ECG accessories are designed to make ECG testing easier. The ECG clips provide a secure connection, minimising motion artefacts and the GE Mac Compact ECG Trolley allows vital mobility during assessments.

ECG accessories are designed for accurate measurements and to work effectively with your ECG machines:


How do ECG clips work?

ECG crocodile clips adapt plugs to snap clips so they can be used with either press stud or tab electrodes. These simple connectors ensure the connection between electrodes and cables is secure.

What do ECG machines measure?

ECG accessories help to accurately record the rate, rhythm, and electrical activity of a heart. ECG machines have an important function to diagnose and monitor heart disorders, chest pains, the extent of coronary heart disease and much more. Therefore, precise results are vital.

How does ECG software make ECG tests easier?

ECG software transforms your surgery laptop or PC into an advanced diagnostic system. ECG software makes it simple for healthcare professionals to acquire, analyse and store resting ECG measurements. Clinically precise and easy-to-use, it will help GPs and nurses to make informed diagnoses decisions.