Floor Scales

Numed Healthcare offer a range of SECA medical scales, making weighing easy for nurses, doctors, carers and healthcare professionals.

Our SECA floor scales are designed to make patients feel secure and comfortable when being weighed. They feature a wide variety of functions that make it easy to read a patient’s weight, making the process as efficient as possible.

The SECA slip-resistant bases ensure optimal safety when the patient steps on and off the floor scales. The SECA floor scales are lightweight, making them portable and easy to transport.

One of our best-selling scales is the SECA 899 Class III Digital Flat Scale with Remote Display. This digital floor scale with BMI, HOLD and TARE functionality, is recommended by the Child Growth Foundation. Suitable for mobile or static use, this can be set up on all types of surfaces. A long cable connects the screen display with the base so this can be set up away from the base and read in the hand or on the wall/desk.


What is a Class III Approved Scale? Do I need them?

A Class III approved scale has been verified and approved by NAWI (Non Automatic Weighing Instrument) directive. Scales are put through rigorous tests to ensure they are Trade Approved.

There are separate classes governing this - 1 to 4. Class III approvals include items such as, retail and industrial weighing machines and medical weighing machines.

You should make sure you have Class III approved scales in a medical environment where a patient’s weight is recorded, checked or monitored.

Scales that are not Class III approved are not suitable for clinical use.