Column Scales

Numed Healthcare offer a range of Class III Approved column scales from leading brand SECA.

Our column scales provide a range of functions, including wireless functionality, to make weighing easy for healthcare professionals. They are ideal for daily use in hospitals and doctors’ GP practices.

One of our most popular SECA medical scales is the SECA 799 Class III Electronic Column Scale. Transport castors mean it’s portable and easy to move around. It also features a BMI function, providing an evaluation of the patient’s nutritional condition. You have the option to fit the SECA 799 column scale with the SECA 220 measuring rod, so weight and height can both be recorded in one time-saving step.

We offer a wide range of medical scale accessories, helping to make appointments as efficient as possible. Our aim is to provide you with complete solutions and simplify your weighing procedures, allowing you to concentrate on patient care.