Spirometer Mouthpieces

Numed Healthcare offer a comprehensive range of spirometer mouthpieces and bacterial filters. We pride ourselves on helping to improve patient care by supplying top quality, innovative medical products. Our spirometer range includes stock from leading brands such as Carefusion (Micro Medical) and NDD. 

Ideal for a variety of clinical situations, our spirometry mouthpieces are suitable for use with all leading brands of spirometers and peak flow meters. Our disposable spirometer mouthpieces help to ensure readings are accurate and reduce the risk of cross infection between patients.


How do I stop cross-contamination during spirometry tests?

Bacterial filters are a practical, cost-effective way to reduce the risk of infection between patients during lung function tests. They trap and remove up to 99.9999% of bacteria and viruses.

Adult disposable mouthpieces are single-use and using these can also help to protect patients from cross-contamination.

How do I ensure the spirometer mouthpiece works?

During a spirometry test, attach the spirometer mouthpiece to the spirometer. Set the mouthpiece into the patient’s mouth and ensure their lips are tightly sealed around it. No air should be able to escape.

How can you safely conduct a spirometry test?

Numed’s viral/bacterial spirometry filters can be used with SpiroConnect, giving 99.99% viral/bacterial filtration at a flow rate of 750 litres/min (well in excess of that stipulated by the European Respiratory Society).

The SpiroConnect turbine is easy and fast to sterilise between each patient in a solution of PeraSafe (this only takes 10 minutes).

Anti-viral/bacterial wipes (e.g. Clinell) can be used to quickly disinfect the body of the SpiroConnect spirometer before it is used for the next patient.