ECG Paper

Numed Healthcare offer a comprehensive collection of ECG paper from leading brands, including SECA and GE Healthcare. Our high-quality ECG paper assists healthcare professionals with accurate ECG interpretation.

We stock ECG paper for a wide range of ECG machines and in a variety of pack sizes. The GE MAC ECG paper in the range features a long archive life of 8 years.

Here at Numed Healthcare, we pride ourselves on providing the full package for our customers. We understand its vital to feel comfortable using new products so we’ve put together a few FAQs about using ECG graph paper:


What do the squares on the ECG paper represent?

The ECG graph paper is marked as a grid of small and large squares. The horizontal axis represents time.

For example, one small square is 0.04 seconds. One large square is 0.2 seconds. 

The vertical axis represents voltage.

For example, 1mV in voltage is 10mm on the graph.

What components do you need to assess on an ECG paper recording?

The following aspects are analysed during ECG interpretation:

* Heart rate
* Heart rhythm
* Cardiac axis
* P-waves
* P-R intervals
* QRS complex
* ST segment
* T and U waves