Long Term Rentals: Medical Equipment For Hire

Do you need to replace or upgrade your diagnostic equipment to enhance patients' services, but have limited funding?

Our Rental Options provide the complete solution and peace of mind for all GP practices:

  • One Monthly Payment - no large upfront costs or admin fees, just one simple payment every month by direct debit
  • No Long Commitment - no long contract, you can cancel at any time after the 2 year minimum term
  • No Hidden Charges - no fees or unexpected costs for repair or servicing during the life of the agreement
  • Complete Package - everything you need in one package, including installation and training, clinical system integration, service and repair and technical support

Why rent medical equipment from Numed Healthcare?

Numed Healthcare is a leading supplier of innovative medical products. We strive to make life easier for medical professionals by saving time, simplifying procedures, reducing costs and improving patient care. We pride ourselves on providing complete solutions, rather than just products, which aim to make your life easier. As part of our mission to improve the healthcare industry, we also offer long term and short term hire opportunities for key medical equipment.

What products can I choose?

Universal ECG System

  • Quick and simple to use
    - saves valuable nursing time
  • USB Power Supply
    - no batteries required
  • 7 Metre Cable Length
    - suitable for large consulting rooms
  • Muscle and Mains Power Filters
    - Help to manage interference caused by electrical appliances
From £53 ex. VAT per month
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Schiller ECG System

  • Quick and simple to use
    - saves valuable nursing time
  • USB Power Supply
    - no batteries required
  • Hook up advisor
    - Highlights loose or disconnected leads with a 'traffic light' signal quality indicator
  • Lead Reversal Detection
    - indicates the misplacement of electrodes pre-acquisition
From £53 ex. VAT per month
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MAC 600 ECG System

  • Compact and Lightweight
    - Easy to transport
  • GE Marquette 12SL
    - High quality interpretation as used in the majority of UK hospitals
  • Hook Up Advisor
    - Allows you to resolve quality issues prior to ECG acquisition
  • Long Lasting Battery
    - Can perform up to 250 ECG tests on one charge
From £65 ex. VAT per month
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Mobil-O-Graph ABPM

  • Small and Lightweight
    - For improved patient comfort
  • Virtually Silent Operation
    - Unobtrusive system with almost silent cuff inflation
  • Highly Accurate
    - Awarded highest possible A/A grade from the BHS
  • Multiple Report Formats
    - Including average values and a blood pressure profile
From £47 ex. VAT per month
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SpiroConnect Spirometer

  • Innovative Vertical Turbine
    - Makes it more sensitive to low flow rates
  • Simple Design
    - Is quick and easy to clean and sterilise
  • Wire Free
    - USB dongle provides wire free connection to the PC
  • Inexpensive Consumables
    - Means low running costs
From £37 ex. VAT per month
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What's included?

  • Full integration into the EMIS, TPP SystmOne or Vision clinical systems using our unique I3 Integration software
  • Installation of your new device at a date and time that is convenient for you
  • Full product training for all of your team at a time that is convenient for you
  • Unlimited technical support from our dedicated UK based support team
  • Annual servicing and repair of your equipment, with loan equipment if you need it

How it works

Renting a diagnostic solution from us couldn't be simpler:

Choose your diagnostic product

Select one or more of the fully integrated 12 Lead ECG, ABPM or spirometry devices shown.

Complete the rental agreement

One of our sales team will guide you through the rental process and answer any questions you might have.

Installation and Training

We will then install your new device and train your team on how to use it.

Keep the equipment as long as you need

No unexpected costs and just one simple monthly payment. You can cancel at any time after 2 years.

I3 Integration - Safer, Faster, Easier

All of our rental solutions are supplied with our unique I3 integration software which can increase patient safety and save up to 15 minutes per consultation by dramatically simplifying the diagnostic test procedure:

Diagram showing a brief overview of how the i3 process is carried out

I3 retrieves a patient's details from the EMIS, TPP SystmOne or Vision clinical systems and automatically passes this information to the diagnostic device, ready to perform your test.

Once all the tests have been completed, it automatically files a PDF report and any associated Read codes directly into the patient's medical record. No manual entry of patient details or test results is required.

What do our customers think?

We chose the Numed rental option to ensure that we have the latest diagnostic equipment with full integration software into our clinical system. The monthly cost is totally affordable, and gives us peace of mind that our equipment is fully covered.

David Shannon - Practice Manager, The Village Surgery

The nurses, who were initially reluctant to change, are now convinced after experiencing the many benefits of the SpiroConnect spirometer and I3 Integration

Kerrie Hotchkins - Patient and Administration Manager

The Universal ECG saves us so much time and effort and enables the nurse to spend more time managing the patient, rather than the machine or the complicated filing procedures.

Alison Maw - Practice Manager

Get in touch with us

If you're looking for rental solutions for medical equipment, get in touch with our friendly team to find out what options are available for you. We will discuss with you exactly what you are looking for including what type of equipment would work best for your needs and how long you will need to hire the medical equipment for.

To find out more about our Rental Options call us today 0114 243 3896 or email us at sales@numed.co.uk