Baby Measuring Mats

Numed Healthcare supply a range of baby measuring mats from leading brand SECA. Our baby measuring mats are easy to use, safe and suitable for babies and infants.

We provide baby measuring mats that are lightweight and portable. Compact and foldable, they are easy to transport between home visits and the clinic.

One of our bestselling baby measuring mats is the SECA 417 Portable Baby Measuring Board. Its smooth surface means that it is quick and easy to keep clean, making sure time spent maintaining the device is kept to a minimum. 

The SECA 416 Infantometer is another popular choice for measuring toddlers and babies. It features a sturdy construction, allowing children up to two, to be measured quickly and easily. 

Along with our range of baby measuring mats, we also offer a selection of measuring tapes, available as wall mounted or disposable.


What is the accurate position for weighing a baby?

According to GOSH, a child should be measured lying down and facing upwards until they are 2 years of age. This is also known as measuring ‘supine’.

They also state that during a measurement, the baby should be positioned with their:

Feet together.

Heels touching the measuring mat’s back plate.

Legs out straight and aligned with their body.

Bottom touching against the backboard.

Scapula/shoulder blade, wherever possible, touching against the backboard.

For more detailed information and to read the full technique, visit GOSH.