Height Measurement

Numed Healthcare supply and support a comprehensive range of height measurement systems, including height measures, measuring tapes, baby measuring mats and accessories from leading brand SECA.

Height measurement tools for Healthcare providers 

Here at Numed, we aim to provide innovative products to help healthcare professionals simplify their procedures and ultimately save valuable time. Our top-quality height measurement range is chosen to do just that.

The SECA 222 Height Measure is designed with eye level views to read results, ensuring that its simple to measure the heights of even the tallest patients.

The portable SECA 414 Carry Case is for electronic baby scales and height measures. This multipurpose carry case makes it easy to transport products between clinic rooms and home visits.


What is a height measurement tool and how are they used in hospitals?

A height measurement tool is designed for measuring or gauging the height of a patient.They are used in medical practices and hospitals across the world for a wide array of uses. GP practices will often measure the height of new patients to create a profile and create a health record for the patient. This often also includes their weight, medical history and health conditions.

Height measurement is also particularly important when monitoring a child’s development and growth. Nurses and GPs will both want to ensure a child’s development is normal and satisfactory. Where they notice any irregularities, they can investigate further and ensure the child does not have any underlying conditions that are affecting their development.

Another key use of height measurement tools is to calculate a patient’s BMI. The body mass index (BMI) is a measure that uses your height and weight to work out if your weight is healthy. It is an essential measurement used by medical professionals to support children and patients that may be struggling with their weight.

How do you measure a child’s height?

There are specific measures that must be taken to accurately measure the height of a child. According to Great Ormond Street Hospital, when measuring a child/young person’s body, they should be positioned as follows:

- Feet together and flat to the floor.
- Heels against the back of the height measuring instrument.
- Legs should be straight.
- Buttocks touching the backboard on the measuring instrument.
- Scapula, (when possible), touching the backboard of the height measurement tool.
- Arms held loosely to their side.

The above steps combined with the correct equipment, such as a height measure, helps medical professionals get an accurate measurement of a child’s height. This information allows GPs and nurses to monitor the growth and development of a child.