CardioScan 24hr ECG Holter Recorder

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The main difference between an ECG machine and a holter monitor is that an ECG test only lasts for a few minutes, so it may not detect any heart irregularities if they are not present during that time. The 24hr Holter Recorder, continuously records a patient’s electrical activity over a longer period of time e.g. a full day. Therefore, the main benefit of a holter recorder is that it can help to diagnose heart conditions that don’t occur all the time, such as atrial fibrillation or episodes of skipped beats.


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£1,250.00 exc VAT
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CardioScan is a simple to use yet comprehensive ECG Holter system designed for general practices wishing to rapidly detect cardiac problems such as Angina, Syncope, Heart Failure, LVH and CardiacArrhythmias.

Cardioscan records 3 channels of ECG for up to 4 days continuously and will allow you to avoid the long delays and costs associated with hospital referrals for this type of test. Cardioscan is a full disclosure system recording and analysing every beat of the heart. 

The CardioScan ECG Holter recorder is designed for use with the CardioScan 24hr ECG Holter Software.


  • CardioScan ECG Holter recorder
  • Patient Cable. (90 day warranty)
  • 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty
  • 1 Year Mediserve Support
  • Input circuit current: <=0.1µa
  • Input impedance: >=2MΩ
  • Noise level:<=15µVp-p
  • Frequency Response: 0.05Hz∼60Hz(0.4dB – 3bB)
  • Power: Single AAA battery.
  • Lead: Standard 3 Leads (5 or 7 wires)
  • Sampling rate: read 4096Hz, write 128Hz Memory: ±256MB
  • Record time up to 4 days
  • Dimensions: 88mm x 55mm x 21mm
  • Weight: < 100 grams
  • HDMI for Artifact isolation.
  • CE and FDA 510(k) Approvals
  • High Speed USB interface

“We purchased the CardioScan and Beam ambulatory ECG devices from Numed Healthcare.  ‘CardioScan’ is a 24hr ECG Holter system that records every beat of the patient’s heart for up to 8 days.  It is supplied with sophisticated software to quickly and automatically analyse the full recording.  ‘Beam’ is a patient activated ECG system that captures the cardiac ‘events’ of symptomatic patients each time they press a button on the recorder unit, over a period of weeks if necessary.  All recordings are downloaded to the accompanying PC software so that the captured ECG event traces can be clearly viewed.  Both the CardioScan and Beam recorder units are very small and unobtrusive when worn by the patient.

Both systems were purchased to provide an improved in-house cardiac monitoring service for our patients.  We chose these devices due to their ease of use and cost effectiveness, particularly for such detailed Holter analysis.  We have been very happy with both products and have recently purchased a further CardioScan recorder unit to satisfy the demand for 24hr ECG tests.  The equipment has allowed our practice to deliver an enhanced level of patient care and we have been impressed with the excellent customer service and support delivered by Numed.  We would be happy to recommend both of these devices, and Numed, to any practice considering 24hr ECG Holter and/or ECG event recording.”

Debbie Weston - Practice Manager, Ombersley Medical Centre, Worcestershire

“We have reduced referrals and increased care to our patients...we find it incredibly easy to use”

Sister Tracy Cox - Rambsury and Warnsborough Practice.




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