IEM Mobil-O-Graph 24 Hour ABPM

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  • Suitable for use in a range of clinical environments - including by GP practices, in primary care networks (PCNs) and in a community pharmacy
  • Easily upgradeable - Upgrade to Central Blood Pressure and Pulse Wave Analysis modules at time of purchase or at a later date - Contact us to find out more
  • 1 year integration with EMIS, TPP SystmOne and Vision included - Saves time and increases patient safety
  • 1 year MediServe Support cover included - Includes unlimited technical support, repair and servicing with loan equipment
  • Includes software and small, medium & large cuffs 
  • 7 year Numed warranty

Trade-in package available – contact us for more information. 

Also available to rent from just £47 per monthFind out more here


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£1,195.00 exc VAT
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Our diagnostic solutions are designed to save you time and improve patient safety. This product is available with the following options:

I3 Integration

I3 integration will automatically retrieve a patient's details from EMIS, TPP SystmOne or Vision and file a PDF report and associated coded results upon test completion to their medical record.

Find out more about I3 integration See how it works

Mediserve Support

This product is available with our unique MediServe support package, which includes unlimited technical support and a full aftercare service.

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Installation & Training

Our dedicated team can install and train you on this product at a time that is convenient for you.

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The IEM Mobil-O-Graph NG is a highly intuitive, easy to use and fully automatic 24 hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor. It has achieved the best possible A/A grade for accuracy from the British Hypertension Society and is ideal for monitoring blood pressure for up to 48 hours. 

The Mobil-O-Graph is suitable for use in a range of clinical environments, including by GP practices, in a primary care network (PCN) diagnostic testing service and in community pharmacies. Mobil-O-Graph fully meets the requirements of the new NHS Community Pharmacy Hypertension Case-Finding Advanced Service and is a National Pharmacy Association (NPA) recommended monitor.

The Mobil-O-Graph is designed to be flexibile, and gives you the option to add additional modules at time of purchase or afterwards if required. The monitor can be easily upgraded to include Central Blood Pressure and Pulse Wave Analysis modules at any time via a simple software update by the user.*

Using the Intelligent Integration Interface (I3) software**, the Mobil-O-Graph blood pressure monitor is fully integrated with all the leading NHS clinical systems from EMIS, TPP and Vision. The software automatically files a high quality Ambulatory Blood Pressure report (as a PDF) and six coded results to the patient's record on test completion. It is supplied with 1 year of MediServe Support and a market leading 7 year warranty for complete peace of mind. Full installation and training is also available.

As recommended by NICE, monitoring a patient’s blood pressure during their everyday routine gives a more accurate blood pressure profile free from distortion created by white coat hypertension. The system is extremely comfortable and quiet and can record ambulatory blood pressure results for up to 48 hours. 

What’s inside the package?

  • Mobil-O-Graph Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Hypertension Management Software
  • USB data cable
  • Synthetic leather pouch and strap
  • Small, medium and large cuffs
  • Battery charger and 4 x rechargeable batteries
  • 5 x cotton sleeves
  • Padded Weave Transit Case

*Additional cost applies

**ongoing license cost applies

The manual attachment of diagnostic reports to a patient’s medical record is a time consuming process and, combined with the inputting of codes, can often mean you spend more time carrying out administration tasks than caring for your patients. Manual data entry can also compromise patient safety, through the attachment of test results to the incorrect patient medical record.

I3 integration provides a solution to these problems by acting as a link between your GP clinical system and a range of 12 lead ECG, ABPM and spirometry devices.

I3 will retrieve a patient’s details from the EMIS, TPP SystmOne or Vision clinical systems and automatically pass this information to the diagnostic device you want to use, ready to perform your test. Once all the tests have been completed, I3 will then file a PDF report of the test results and any associated coded results directly into the patient’s medical record automatically. This makes your diagnostic testing safer, faster and easier.

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  • Measurement range:-
    • Systolic (SYS):     60 – 290 mmHg
    • Diastolic (DIA):     30 -195 mmHg
  • Accuracy: ± 3 mmHg
  • Pressure range: 0 to 300 mmHg
  • Pulse range: 30 to 240 bpm
  • Measurement method: Oscillometric
  • Measurement protocols: 0,1,2,4,5,6,12,15,20 or 30 measurements per hour
  • Memory: 300 measurements
  • Battery capacity: > 300 measurements
  • Operating temperature: +10 °C till +40 °C
  • Operating air humidity: 15% till 90%
  • Storage condition: −20 °C till +50 °C and 15% till 90% air humidity
  • Dimensions: 128 x 75 x 30 mm
  • Weight: approx. 240 g including batteries
  • Power supply: 2 IEM rechargeable batteries Ni-MH (AA, Mignon) with 1,2 V each and min. 1500 mAh, or 2 x 1.5 V alkaline batteries (AA, Mignon)
  • Interfaces:
    • Serial port (cable) compat. for USB Emulation
    • Infrared
    • Bluetooth (Class 1 / 100 m)

IEM HMS-CS PC Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7 or Windows 10 (32-bit & 64-bit)
  • Processor: 1 GHz
  • RAM: 2 GB Minimum
  • Hard drive: Recommended 500 MB minimum hard disk storage space
  • Graphics: Minimum 1024x768 resolution
  • USB: One free USB port is required

"We needed to replace an unreliable and difficult to use 24hr Blood Pressure Monitor, we heard about The Mobil-O-Graph from Numed, they were very happy to trade out our old device. We got a superb deal which included the Monitor, 3 cuffs, 7 year warranty,  Installation and Training a  and the new ‘I3’ Integration software.

The device is so easy to use and our patients find it much more comfortable than the previous unreliable and cumbersome device. Our nurses find it extremely easy to use thanks to the integration software. Unlike other devices this automatically takes the patient information from the medical record and then on the patients return places the data and report onto the patient record. It Read codes an awful lot of data and the report is a nice and clear PDF file that anyone can view around the practice from the record so our clinicians are also happy!

The integration software ‘I3’ is outstanding as it speeds up the process and enables my nursing staff to look after the patient rather than spending time on a complex set up and download procedure. It also guarantees that the report and data attaches to the correct patient notes, accurately every time so negating any opportunity for human error.

Overall I’m really pleased with our decision to purchase the Mobil-O-Graph from Numed and would certainly recommend it to any practice struggling with their current device or wanting to start up a service."

Kay Towler, Practice Manager, Burton & Bransgrove Medical Centre. Dorset.

"We use a number of the integrated devices from NUMED including ECG and Ambulatory Blood Pressure. They save nurse time but, more importantly, they eliminate data transfer errors and therefore increase clinical safety.  The systems are easy to use and the data integrity has given us the confidence to use HCAs as "Technicians" to collect data. This frees up nurse time for the management of Chronic diseases rather that the collection of data. The nurses are happy that the data is as read from the patients and the seamless integration into our clinical system mean that we can escalate any problems to more senior staff from within  patients' notes.  The support from the NUMED staff has been excellent. The HCAs were trained directly by the NUMED technical support team and they have remained on hand to solve any issues. They are probably the best support team we deal with. "

Gareth J Williams - Practice Manager - Park Avenue Medical Centre

'"In Wiltshire we are performing  24hr ECG, 24 hr ABPM and 12 Lead ECG within the practice specifically to reduce Secondary Care referrals to cardiology – not only do the Nurses enjoy this kind of work but the patients love not having to go to a large Hospital to have these tests performed. All our Numed diagnostic equipment has dramatically decreased the time to perform diagnostic tests and the seamless integration into our medical record is another time saver , precious time that allows us to enhance patient care."

Sarah Simpkin - Finance and IT Manager - Ramsbury Surgery

“We really like the Mobilograph, we have at least 9 and have used them for a number of years. They are reliable, my staff find the software and the recorders easy to use and maintain and we get very few patient complaints about comfort – I’d be happy  to recommend the Mobilograph 24 hr Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor”

Teresa Heath - Senior Chief Technician, ECG Department - Frimley Park Hospital



Keeping your equipment running smoothly is critical to the success of your practice. Numed Healthcare offer a complete product support package called MediServe. More about MediServe