Greenwich GPPNs enhance their spirometry testing services with SpiroConnect

Greenwich GPPNs needed to provide a spirometry service for patients as part of their Long Term Conditions Plan. Each practice was allocated funding for a new spirometer in order to deliver the service, and after evaluating a range of solutions they chose the SpiroConnect spirometer.

The main reason they decided on SpiroConnect was its full integration with the leading GP clinical systems through our unique i3 platform. I3 acts as a link between your GP clinical system and a range of diagnostic devices. It dramatically simplifies diagnostic test procedures by eliminating the need for manual data entry at the start and end of every diagnostic test.

David James, Business Manager & Commissioning Project Lead, explains why their decision:

"After reviewing various models, we decided to purchase the SpiroConnect system from Numed Healthcare, because of its full i3 integration with the three leading clinical systems, Cegedim Vision, EMIS and TPP SystmOne."

"Not only is this a better way of testing in terms of patient safety, but also quicker and easier for the nursing team, saving up to 10 minutes administration time per test."

The individual practices have now had the systems installed for an extended period of time and have seen the benefits of SpiroConnect for themselves. Helen Attrill, Practice Nurse at Eltham Medical Practice explains the time saving and accuracy benefits they have seen:

“We are finding the SpiroConnect system incredibly easy to use. Being able to see results on the computer screen and demonstrate to our patients in a graphic way is extremely helpful to them and to us! Not having to enter data and Read codes manually is a great time saver and ensures greater accuracy. The wire-free SpiroConnect handset is much less restrictive and more comfortable for patients to use.”

You can find out more about how Greenwich GPPN has benefitted from using i3 Diagnostic Solutions by reading their case study, or for more information about I3  please visit our dedicated i3 Diagnostic Solutions page.