Case Study: How Park Avenue Medical Practice use i3 diagnostic solutions to save time and eliminate errors

IEM Mobil-O-Graph 24 Hour ABPM

Schiller Cardiovit CS-104 PC Based Resting ECG System

QRS Universal Smart ECG PC Based Resting ECG System

SpiroConnect® PC-based Spirometer

Mr Gareth Williams – Practice Manager

"They save time and eliminate data transfer errors... the data integrity has given us the confidence to use Health Care Assistants as technicians to collect data"

Park Avenue Medical Centre is a busy medical practice based in Northampton. They aim to provide their patients with the best possible personal care and offer a wide range of services and health checks, including 12 lead ECG and 24hr blood pressure monitoring.

When they were looking to replace their 12 lead ECG and Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitors (ABPM) they looked at a range of devices but ultimately chose the Mobil-O-Graph ABPM and Universal ECG system from Numed.

One of the main reasons for choosing these systems was the I3 integration software, which provides full clinical system integration with the EMIS, TPP SystmOne and Vision clinical systems. At the start of every test, I3 ensures that the patient’s details are automatically entered into the diagnostic software directly from their medical record. Once the test is complete, the PDF test report and required coded results are filed back to their medical record at the click of a button. 

Using I3 Integrated diagnostic solutions can save a practice more than 10 minutes per diagnostic test and ensures that the results are always filed to the patient’s medical record correctly, increasing patient safety. Practice Manager Gareth Williams explains the key advantages the practice found in using I3 compatible devices for their 24hr Blood Pressure and 12 lead ECG testing:

“We use a number of the I3 integrated devices from Numed, including ECG and Ambulatory Blood Pressure. They save nurse time but, more importantly, they eliminate data transfer errors and therefore increase clinical safety.”

Gareth has found that the simplicity of the new devices means that the practice can use HealthCare Assistants (HCAs) to perform diagnostic tests. This frees up nursing time for patients with more complex conditions and allows quicker and easier escalation of issues to more senior staff:

“The systems are easy to use, and the data integrity of the I3 software has given us the confidence to use HCAs as "Technicians" to collect data. This frees up nurse time for the management of chronic diseases, rather than the collection of data. The nurses are happy that the data is as read from the patients, and the seamless integration into our clinical system means that we can escalate any problems to more senior staff from within the patients' notes.”

Along with the I3 integration, the practice has also found the additional benefits of the MediServe support and training provided by Numed. This includes ongoing support and servicing of equipment, and training for their nurses and HCAs if required:

“The support from the Numed technical support staff has been excellent. The HCAs were trained directly by the technical support team and they have remained on hand to solve any issues. They are probably the best support team we deal with.”

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