QRS Universal Smart ECG PC Based Resting ECG System

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  • 1 year integration with EMIS, TPP SystmOne and Vision included - Saves time and increases patient safety
  • 1 year MediServe Support cover included - Includes unlimited technical support and repair and servicing with loan equipment
  • 3 year manufacturer's warranty
  • Unlimited installations - Can be used in as many consulting rooms as required
  • USB power supply - No batteries required
  • 7 metre cable length - Suitable for large consulting rooms

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£1,540.00 exc VAT
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See how i3 Integration works

Our diagnostic solutions are designed to save you time and improve patient safety. This product is available with the following options:

I3 Integration

I3 integration will automatically retrieve a patient's details from EMIS, TPP SystmOne or Vision and file a PDF report and associated coded results upon test completion to their medical record.

Find out more about I3 integration See how it works

Mediserve Support

This product is available with our unique MediServe support package, which includes unlimited technical support and a full aftercare service.

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Installation & Training

Our dedicated team can install and train you on this product at a time that is convenient for you.

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The Universal Smart ECG 12-Lead Interpretive ECG machine from QRS Diagnostics is an easy to use, portable and lightweight resting ECG device that plugs directly into any PC. The Universal is ideal for primary care ECG clinics or a GP Surgery on a limited budget and is supplied with a 3 year warranty.

Using the included Intelligent Integration Interface (I3) software*, the Universal Smart ECG is fully integrated with all the leading NHS clinical systems from EMIS, TPP and Vision. The software automatically files a high quality ECG report (as a PDF) and a coded result to the patient's record on test completion. Universal ECG is also compatible with the ECG On-Demand with i3 ECG interpretation service from Technomed.

It is supplied with all the required software and accessories and includes a one year MediServe support package to ensure that your service continues to run smoothly. The included Cardioview software can be installed onto as many of the GP Practice or hospital PC’s as you like, enabling you to perform an ECG in any room.

What’s inside the package?

  • Universal Smart ECG 12 Lead ECG System
  • CardioView interpretive software
  • 100 Ambu SUPAtab ECG electrodes
  • 10 Ambu crocodile clips
  • Padded Weave Transit Case

*ongoing license cost applies


  • Reduce appointment times

  • Increase patient safety

  • Eliminate the need for manual data entry

  • The patient’s details are automatically passed to the ECG software, ready for the ECG test to be performed. No re-entry of patient data is required.

  • I3 sends the results to the patient’s medical records automatically, including a copy of the report and a Read code, showing the ECG has been completed.

The manual attachment of diagnostic reports to a patient’s medical record is a time consuming process and, combined with the inputting of codes, can often mean you spend more time carrying out administration tasks than caring for your patients. Manual data entry can also compromise patient safety, through the attachment of test results to the incorrect patient medical record.

I3 integration provides a solution to these problems by acting as a link between your GP clinical system and a range of 12 lead ECG, ABPM and spirometry devices.

I3 will retrieve a patient’s details from the EMIS, TPP SystmOne or Vision clinical systems and automatically pass this information to the diagnostic device you want to use, ready to perform your test. Once all the tests have been completed, I3 will then file a PDF report of the test results and any associated coded results directly into the patient’s medical record automatically. This makes your diagnostic testing safer, faster and easier.

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Safety Standards : Complies with AAMI EC11, IEC/ EN60601-1, IEC/EN 60601-1-2, IEC/EC 60601-225

Hub Weight :  335 grams maximum

Hub Dimensions:  85 x 91 x 20 mm

Patient Leads Length:  Limb = 1 meter,Chest =0 .6 meter

Gain/Sensitivity:  5,10,20 mm/mV

Input Range:  ±6mV

Defibrillator Protection:  Patient leads are isolated from system and operator, with 4kV protection

Electrode Connections:  4mm banana plug with tab or snap connectors

Frequency Response :  0.05 to 175Hz ±3dB

Environmental Conditions:  Operating Temp. 0-40°C, Storage Temp. -20-70°C, Humidity < 85% (non- condensing).

PC Requirements: Operating System: Windows 10 (64 bit), Hard Disk Space: 100MB, Graphics: Minimum 1024x768 resolution, USB: One free USB port is required

“We have used Numed Healthcare’s i3 integration software at York House Medical Centre for some time now and I have to say it is absolutely fantastic.  i3 makes the process of performing our ECG’s so quick and simple for the nursing team and the results are automatically filed to the correct patient's medical record at the end of the test.  We have been extremely happy with the support services provided by Numed too and can highly recommend them to anyone looking for new equipment.”

Gavin Canty, IT Project Lead – York House Medical Centre, Stourport-on-Severn

"The nurses are delighted with it, even our senior practice nurse who is slightly technology averse! Easy to use and integrates well with TPP SystmOne."

Dr B M Ashmore - Mullion and Constantine Group Practice

"Unlike other systems that claim to "integrate" but only create a file that then needs to be manually attached, the Numed option actually does do everything for you"

Andrew Garfitt, IT and QOF Manager - The Fountain Medical Centre

"We've used Numed for some years, and always found them extremely professional, responsive and friendly. They have an excellent range of equipment, and their impressive Envisage waiting room patient information system has now been adopted by numerous CCG's. Fantastic aftersales service as well. A great team you can rely on."

Nigel Atkin, Practice Manager - Barlborough Medical Practice



Keeping your equipment running smoothly is critical to the success of your practice. Numed Healthcare offer a complete product support package called MediServe. More about MediServe