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ECG ECG Integration

ECG On-Demand® with I³

ECG On-Demand® with I3 is a fully integrated 12 Lead ECG acquisition and interpretation service, which combines the easy to use clinical system integration of I3 with Technomed‘s advanced ECG interpretation service.


An introduction to ECG On-Demand® with I³

This new feature enables primary care clinicians to quickly and easily send ECG test data directly from their I3 software to Technomed’s ECG On-Demand® analysis service.

All ECG Tests are interpreted by a cardiologist led team of clinicians and the analysed reports emailed back to the GP practice within one working day of submission. All data is transmitted to and from the ECG On-Demand® service securely via the N3 network, with full HSCIC compliance.

How It Works

Step 1 - The patient’s details are acquired by I3 from their medical record automatically.

Step 2 - The ECG is recorded as usual via a compatible 12 lead ECG system.

Step 3 - The ECG is securely transmitted to the ECG Analysis server directly from I3, whilst a PDF report and Read codes of the results are filed to the patient’s medical record simultaneously.

Step 4 - The transmitted data is analysed by a Technomed cardiology specialist who classifies each element of the ECG.

Step 5 - The ECG report is delivered directly to your practice via email within one working day, featuring a clear traffic light status and cardiology comment.

What Do You Need?

ECG lead

12 Lead ECG System

Choose from one of our compatible 12 lead ECG systems.

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ECG integration

I³ Integration License

Our I³ integration software provides a link between the EMIS, TPP SystmOne and Vision clinical systems.

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ECG on demand

ECG On-Demand® Account

Choose from either a Pay per referral or unlimited referrals account.

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If you are already using one of our compatible 12 Lead ECG systems with I3 then all you need is an ECG On-Demand® account. Click here to register for the ECG On-Demand® service.

Features and Benefits

Reduce Secondary Care Referrals

ECG On-Demand® has been proven to reduce the number of unnecessary hospital visits for patients by up to 50%.

Rapid Diagnosis of ECG Data

All ECGs are analysed and securely returned within one working day by Technomed’s experienced cardiology experts.

Significantly Reduce Costs

ECG On-Demand® is proven to offer significant financial savings for CCGs, surgeries and other consortia.

NHS Compliant Security

All data is transmitted to and from the ECG On-Demand® service via the N3 network, with full HSCIC approval.

Improve the Patient Experience

Anxiety for patients will be reduced by drastically cutting the diagnosis waiting time.

Clear Reports

Every ECG is clear and consistent and the unique “Traffic Light” system allows patients to be triaged efficiently.

What do our customers think?

Customer feedback has shown the minimal costs involved in utilising the service are more than offset by the reduced number of referrals to secondary care, as well as significantly reducing the time between initial test and interpretation of results:

“Back in 2010 we were an early adopter of Technomed’s ECG On-Demand® service. It met all our ECG interpretation needs then and it continues to do so now. I like the ECG reports written in plain English. I don’t need to be a cardiology expert in order to triage my patients appropriately. I am able to provide patient reassurance in minutes and we have been able to reduce secondary care referral following a 12-lead ECG by over 50%.“

Lisa Eve, Merton CCG