SpiroConnect is a PC Based spirometer. Please see below for video guides, frequently asked questions and other useful downloads.

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Video Guides


What are the cleaning procedures for the SpiroConnect?

We advise after each patient to dispose of any consumables such as filters, mouthpieces and nose ... Read More

How do I mix/use the PeraSafe cleaning solution?

Add one 16.2g sachet of PeraSafe powder per one litre of lukewarm water. Stir until the powder is... Read More

Is there any information I need to be aware of when performing a Calibration Check with the SpiroConnect?

For SpiroConnect, both the expiratory and inspiratory manoeuvres must be performed using the cali... Read More

Can I use filters with SpiroConnect?

Standard MicroGard filters can be used with your SpiroConnect. Read More

How long will a set of AA batteries power the SpiroConnect for?

Typically a set of AA batteries should last in excess of 12 months, but this can vary depending o... Read More

The software has highlighted a blow as ‘Best’, indicating it’s the best by my patient has done. So why hasn’t the variability percentage for that blow changed to 0% if it’s the best?

The software will highlight a blow as ‘Best’ immediately after a blow is completed, but it won’t ... Read More

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