The Mobil-O-Graph is a 24 hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor. Please see below for video guides, frequently asked questions and other useful downloads.

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Video Guides


How do I change the standard blood pressure limits for patients who need it?

Within HMS-CS select ‘Settings’ from the top menu bar, then from the drop down box select ‘Blood ... Read More

What are the maximum and minimum readings the BP monitor can record?

The Mobil-O-Graph NG 24Hr BP Monitor can record from 60 to 290 Systolic and 30 to 195 Diastolic. Read More

What are the manufacturer guidelines for cleaning the BP monitor cuffs?

Please ensure you remove the internal bladder from the BP cuff before you clean the cuff itself. ... Read More

How do I know the correct cuff size for my patient?

A tape measure should be used to measure your patient’s left arm around the bicep, then match tha... Read More

Does it matter which arm I fit the BP cuff to?

Fit the BP cuff to your patient’s left arm wherever possible, and line up the printed arrow on th... Read More

What should I do if the BP monitor displays an error code?

There is a troubleshooting guide towards the back of the manual included in every BP monitor pack... Read More

Where can I purchase replacement or additional BP cuffs?

You can purchase additional and replacement BP cuffs from ourselves (Including extra-large and ex... Read More

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