MAC 600

The MAC 600 is a portable 12 Lead ECG System. Please see below for frequently asked questions and other useful downloads.

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I am unable to store an ECG. The machine is saying memory is full.

The machine can store around 200 ECGs before the memory is full. We recommend deleting previously... Read More

How long is the battery life on the machine?

The machine will last around 3 to 6 hours on one full charge, dependent on usage. One full charge... Read More

How do I change the paper?

1. Open the paper drawer located on the left of the machine. 2. Place the Z-fold paper pack in... Read More

The machine is saying SD card is write protected.

In the back of the machine is an SD card where all the ECGs are stored. The card itself can b... Read More

Can I purchase additional SD cards for my machine?

Yes, you can purchase additional cards, however you need to ensure that the card(s) you buy are n... Read More

I am unable to gain a trace. The machine is just reporting ‘Limb lead disconnected’

This usually means that one or two of the limb leads are struggling to gain a connection with you... Read More

The ECG trace has a lot of interference and the machine is reporting a muscle tremor.

The quality of an ECG trace depends on a few factors but one of the biggest is patient comfort an... Read More

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