Vitalograph 3 Litre Calibration Syringe

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The Vitalograph 3 Litre Calibration Syringe allows you to verify the calibration of your spirometers in line with current guidelines, to ensure that they are functioning correctly. 

To strictly conform to the ERS (European Respiratory Society) guidelines for spirometry measurement, the recommendation is that a volume accuracy check is performed on a daily basis using a 3 litre syringe.  The Association for Respiratory Technology and Physiology (ARTP) also recommends that calibration of spirometry test equipment should be performed prior to each clinic/session or after every 10th patient, whichever comes first. This should be performed using a 3 litre calibration syringe. 

To find out more about spirometer calibration, please view our guide on how to calibrate your spirometer.

Compatible with:

  • SpiroConnect spirometer
  • Carefusion (Micro Medical) spirometers
  • Vitalograph spirometers
  • MIR spirometers
  • NDD Easy On-PC spirometer