Ambu Blue Sensor SUPAtab ECG Electrodes

Product Code: N101200
Reference: SU-00-C/100

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The Ambu Blue Sensor SUPAtab ECG electrodes are the worlds first tab electrodes that feature a wet gel. The combination of wet gel and superior quick adhesion provides optimal signal quality during 12-lead resting ECG monitoring. 

Ten Ambu SUPAtab ECG electrodes are packed on a single liner, so there is no need to peel off individual back material. Thanks to the special occlusive backing material, the electrode will not absorb liquids. 

Main Features

  • High quality ECG electrode with highly conductive wet gel
  • High recommended for 12 lead ECG recordings
  • Superior adhension and stickiness provides optimal signal strength
  • 10 x SU electrodes on a single liner
  • For use with crocodile clips
  • Occulsive backing material
  • High-quality Ag/AGCl sensor

Supplied in packs of 100

Electrode size (max. L x W or diameter in mm:) 49 x 33
Skin contact size
(max. L x W or diameter in mm:) 34 x 33
Adhesive area (in mm2:) 772
Height excluding connector/wire (in mm:) 1.2

Electrical Data (ANSI/AAMI):
AC impedance - typical: 650 Ω
DC offset voltage - typical: 0.2 mV
Defibrillation overload recovery - typical 9.9 mV
Rate of change of polarization
potential - typical 0.2 mV/s
Combined offset instability and internal noise: <15 μV
Bias current tolerance (over 8 hours:) <10 mV

Sensor material Silver/silver chloride
Gel system Wet gel
Sensor area (in mm2:) 50
Gel area/measuring area (in mm2:) 154
X-ray-translucent: no
MRI-safe: no

Recommended application time (max:) 1 hour
In opened pouches 1 month
Unopened pouches* 24 months
*from date of production