The benefits of using an i3 integrated diagnostic solution in primary care

The manual entry of test Read codes and scanning and attachment of diagnostic reports to a patient’s medical record is a time consuming process. Combined with having to manually enter patient details at the start of every diagnostic test, this can often mean that you spend more time carrying out administrative tasks than caring for your patients.

Manual data entry can also increase the risk of compromising patient safety, due to the accidental filing of test results to the wrong patient’s medical record. This can lead to wasted time and unnecessary stress for patients who may have to be retested.

Our i3 integration platform offers a solution to these problems by acting as a link between your GP clinical system (EMIS PCS or Web, TPP SystmOne or InPS Vision) and a range of our 12 lead ECGABPM and spirometry devices. 

At the start of every test, i3 will automatically retrieve a patient’s details from your clinical system and pass this information to the device you want to use. Once you have completed your tests, i3 will then file a PDF report of the results and any associated Read codes directly into the patient’s medical record. This saves you time and allows you to better care for patients by ensuring you no longer have to enter a patient’s details manually while they wait, or waste time scanning and attaching diagnostic reports or filing Read codes at the end of every test.

Using an i3 Integrated solution offers the following benefits to you and your patients:

Enhances Patient Care - by dramatically simplifying the diagnostic test procedure you are able to concentrate on caring for your patients.

Increases Patient Safety - by ensuring that diagnostic test results are always filed to the correct patient medical record you no longer have to worry about inaccurate recording of tests.

Reduces Administration -  by eliminating manual data entry at the start of the test and the scanning and attachment of test results and Read codes you have more time with your patients.

Improves Report Quality - i3 files a high quality diagnostic report rather than a poor quality scan, allowing a more clear and accurate diagnosis of symptoms.

To find out more about i3 and how you can make your diagnostic testing safer, faster and easier, visit our dedicated i3 page or contact our sales team by telephone: 0114 243 3896 or by email: