IEM Mobil-O-Graph PWA Price Reduction

We have significantly reduced the price of our IEM Mobil-O-Graph Pulse Wave Analysis System from £4495 to £3250!

Mobil-O-Graph PWA is a state of the art oscillometric blood pressure device which as the capability to monitor and analyse the ‘Arterial Pulse Wave’ therefore providing an assessment of the arterial vascular system.

Dr Carmel McEneniery at Cambridge University purchased the Mobil-O-Graph PWA from Numed Healthcare and is delighted with the way it has performed:

'I would recommend the Mobilograph PWA. The monitor is easy to use compared with other systems which assess arterial elasticity and takes any operator dependency out of the measurements. The device is competitively priced compared with other systems and the software and reports are easy to use. We have measured arterial elasticity with the Mobilograph PWA system in over 700 individuals across the adult age-span and I am very happy with the way the device has performed.'

You can view the Mobil-O-Graph PWA here and if you need more information then please contact our sales team on 0114 2433896 or email: