ECG Electrode Application Guide

The correct selection and application of ECG electrodes can help to prevent many of the problems associated with poor skin contact when taking an ECG.

Ambu BlueSensor ECG electrodes have been in use for over forty years, and the combination of wet gel and superior quick adhesion provides optimal signal quality during ECG machine monitoring.

We've partnered with Ambu to create a ECG Electrode Application Guide to help you when applying Ambu ECG electrodes, specifically those with a wet gel. It will ensure you get the best possible application of your electrodes and reduce the problems associated with poor skin contact:

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Application of Ambu Blue Sensor ECG Electrodes

  1. Clean and dry the skin
  2. Peel electrode from the plastic liner
  3. Place the electrode on the skin by gently pressing around the adhesive edge with a circular motion
  4. When using electrodes with wet gel, avoid pressing down on the centre of the electrode
  5. Connect the cable
  6. Electrodes with offset connectors should be positioned facing in the same direction as the cable

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