Are you using the correct syringe for your spirometer calibration check?

Although guidelines do vary, it is usually recommended that spirometry calibration should be verified prior to every clinic/session or after every 10th patient (whichever comes first.)

Calibration of spirometry equipment should follow the manufacturer’s recommended procedures and must be performed using a certified 3 litre calibration syringe. For a device to be within calibration limits it must read +/- 3% of true.*

If you are still using a 1 Litre Calibration Syringe to perform your spirometry calibration then you are not complying with the recommended guidelines. We supply a 3 Litre Calibration Syringe for £199.00 ex VAT, which is fully certified and can be used with nearly all current spirometers. 

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Although spirometry calibration is highly recommended, please be assured that because our SpiroConnect spirometer uses a vertically mounted turbine, it exhibits exceptional calibration stability. As a result the calibration will only change if the turbine has been physically damaged. This can easily be verified by visual inspection.

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