Envisage is Numed Healthcare's patient information and patient call system. The Envisage system can be accessed on this link: Envisage Coda Console  

For a full range of training videos, please visit our dedicated Envisage Support page: www.envisagecoda.co.uk/support/

Video Guides


How long do you recommend our playlists should be?

There is no recommended playlist length, but if you want your patients to see all the Envisage vi... Read More

Am I limited to what videos I can use on the YouTube application?

You can use any video on YouTube, but please bear in mind that anyone can create and upload any v... Read More

Why can I only see five search results on the YouTube application?

The Envisage YouTube application will only show the top five search results. We recommend you vis... Read More

Why is the clock stuck on my TV screens all the time?

The clock application is set to infinite duration as a default, so it will currently have no inst... Read More

We want to display our own practice messages on the TV’s. How can we do this?

You can display your own messages in the form of Ticker Tapes. Please see the video guide above e... Read More

What is the Envisage CODA?

The Envisage CODA is the brand name of our media system and also refers to the piece of hardware ... Read More

I’ve turned our TV screen on this morning but it just says ‘No Signal’. What should I do?

The most common cause of this problem is that the TV has lost its original input settings. Make s... Read More

What is the Call Agent?

The Call Agent is an additional piece of hardware that is specifically designed to receive and pr... Read More

Can I upload Microsoft Powerpoint Presentations?

PowerPoints need to be saved in video format before uploading to the Envisage Coda system. Fo... Read More

Where can I request my login details for the CODA control panel?

You can request your login details by calling our Technical Support team on 0114 399 0010 (Mon-Fr... Read More

Can I upload Microsoft Word Documents?

Word documents need to be saved in PDF format before being uploaded to the Envisage Coda system. ... Read More

Do I require a PRS Licence to use show RSS Feeds and Web Pages?

No, you do not require a PRS licence to show RSS feeds or web pages unless the web pages are play... Read More

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