Dental CO Carbon Monoxide Breath Monitor

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  • Designed for the rapid assessment of smoking status by dental professionals
  • Coloured light indicators to signify smoking level
  • Results instantly displayed
  • Single press button to toggle between ppm and %COHb
  • Breath hold countdown timer to guide patients

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£287.55 exc VAT
£345.06 inc VAT

The Dental CO carbon monoxide breath monitor is a fully featured breath monitor for the rapid assessment of smoking status by dental professionals. After a single breath the Dental CO will instantly give results in PPM and %COHb.

Dental professionals have a unique opportunity to address smoking with patients in a manner that will make a difference. Brief advice from a dentist or member of the dental team has been shown to increase a patient’s motivation to quit and can double a patient’s success with quitting.

The Dental CO breath monitor can serve as a valuable motivational tool for smokers to quit and allows patients to understand the harm smoking is causing to their oral health.

What's included?

  • Dental CO Carbon Monoxide Breath Monitor
  • Carry case
  • 6 SafeBreath mouthpieces
  • 9v PP3 battery
  • Calibration stem connector
  • Operating manual


Is the monitor CE Marked?  


Is it IEC 60601 Electrical Safety Standard Compliant?  


Is the useful life of the device 2 year or 5 years?  

The device has a 5 year warranty except for the electrochemical fuel cell which has an expected life of two years and is therefore excluded from the warranty.  The electrochemical fuel cell works in a similar way to a battery and therefore the more you use it the shorter it’s life. The chemical is used up as it combines with the CO in the exhaled breath, which produces a current that is proportional to the CO concentration.  In normal use the cell will last at least 2 years but if it is used regularly with high levels of CO, or exposed to abnormally high levels of CO, it may need to be replaced sooner.

Technical Specification

Gas Detected – Carbon Monoxide

Concentration Range – 0 – 99PPM

Detection Sensor Used – Electrochemical fuel cell

Sensitivity – 0.1 PPM

Accuracy (repeatability) +/- 2%

Operation Temperature Range – 0-40 degrees Celsius

Operation Pressure – Atmospheric +/-10%

Hydrogen cross-sensitivity – <12%

Sensor Life – 2 – 5 years (sensor warranty 2 years)

Sensor Drift – <2% per month

Display – Graphic LCD

Power Supply – Single 9v PP3 battery

Weight – Approximately 160g including battery

Dimensions – 135mm x 60mm x 30mm

Indication Levels – Green 0 – 6 PPM Yellow 7 – 10 PPM Red 11 – 20 PPM. Flashing red and audible alarm 21 PPM and over

Dental CO – Catalogue Number CO60