Dental CO Carbon Monoxide Breath Monitor

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  • Designed for the rapid assessment of smoking status by dental professionals
  • Coloured light indicators to signify smoking level
  • Results instantly displayed
  • Single press button to toggle between ppm and %COHb
  • Breath hold countdown timer to guide patients


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The Dental CO carbon monoxide breath monitor is a fully featured breath monitor for the rapid assessment of smoking status by dental professionals. After a single breath the Dental CO will instantly give results in PPM and %COHb.

Dental professionals have a unique opportunity to address smoking with patients in a manner that will make a difference. Brief advice from a dentist or member of the dental team has been shown to increase a patient’s motivation to quit and can double a patient’s success with quitting.

The Dental CO breath monitor can serve as a valuable motivational tool for smokers to quit and allows patients to understand the harm smoking is causing to their oral health.

What's included?

  • Dental CO Carbon Monoxide Breath Monitor
  • Carry case
  • 6 SafeBreath mouthpieces
  • 9v PP3 battery
  • Calibration stem connector
  • Operating manual

Technical Specification

Gas Detected – Carbon Monoxide

Concentration Range – 0 – 99PPM

Detection Sensor Used – Electrochemical fuel cell

Sensitivity – 0.1 PPM

Accuracy (repeatability) +/- 2%

Operation Temperature Range – 0-40 degrees Celsius

Operation Pressure – Atmospheric +/-10%

Hydrogen cross-sensitivity – <12%

Sensor Life – 2 – 5 years (sensor warranty 2 years)

Sensor Drift – <2% per month

Display – Graphic LCD

Power Supply – Single 9v PP3 battery

Weight – Approximately 160g including battery

Dimensions – 135mm x 60mm x 30mm

Indication Levels – Green 0 – 6 PPM Yellow 7 – 10 PPM Red 11 – 20 PPM. Flashing red and audible alarm 21 PPM and over

Dental CO – Catalogue Number CO60