Promote the NHS Electronic Prescription Service using Envisage

The Electronic Prescription Service is now available in a number of practices, and Duncan Graham, Communications Manager at Health and Social Care Information Service (HSCIC), explains the benefits of using Envisage to advise patients of this service:

“The Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) is being switched on in around 70 practices each week so we were interested in effective ways to get a short but important message over to patients in a timely way. We didn’t want to raise the expectations of patients who couldn’t get the service yet, so allowing a practice to decide when to show the video, usually from eight weeks before they start to offer the service, is ideal. Using a waiting room information system is a great way to communicate with patients and its saves the practice time explaining it to every patient.”

You can download the NHS Electronic Prescription Service video and it to your Envisage playlist now, or for more information about Envisage for your surgery visit our dedicated Envisage website, call 0114 2433896 or email