Improving the quality of Diagnostic Spirometry in adults: New National Register launched

A new National Register of certified spirometry professionals and operators has recently launched alongside an assessment framework endorsed by NHS England.

The new framework, called Improving the quality of diagnostic spirometry in adults: the National Register of certified professionals and operators, has been co-produced by a stakeholder group comprising Association for Respiratory Technology & Physiology (ARTP), Association of Respiratory Nurse Specialists, Asthma UK, British Lung Foundation, British Thoracic Society, Education for Health, and Primary Care Respiratory Society UK.

Spirometry is one of the essential lung function investigations in the diagnosis, assessment and monitoring of many respiratory conditions. Diagnostic spirometry has to be performed to a high standard to prevent incorrect diagnosis symptoms. This can result in patients receiving inappropriate treatments, which could potentially be harmful, as well as waste time and increase costs.

Education for Health’s Chief Executive Monica Fletcher explained the reasons behind the new framework:

“The document sets out the framework for implementing the APPG recommendations: a common curriculum; quality assured training, assessment of healthcare professionals/operators to clearly defined standards and the establishment of The National Register of certified healthcare professionals.

 “This will ensure that everyone – patients, individual healthcare professionals and commissioners - is clear about the standards required.”

For more informaiton about the new National Register of certified spirometry professionals and operators, please vist the Education for Health website: