Case Study: Cardiosoft ECG - Clays Practice

GE CardioSoft PC Based 12 Lead Resting ECG System

Dr Heiko Kurth

"The quality and interpretation is excellent - I can only recommend this ECG equipment."

Having used paper print out ECGs over the years when needed to replace our  equipment we looked at improvement and upgrade rather then replacing existing.

We offer a Community Cardiology Clinic from the surgery premises and we wanted a system that produced good quality ECGs with reliable interpretation and ease of forward to secondary care. Having received numerous faxed ECGs from GPs, I realised the importance of accurate transmission by email with no loss of information. This is critical for accurate ECG interpretation.

The Cardiosoft offers the advantage of digital ECG reports that can be easily attached to emails with no deterioration. Within the practice we found the Cardiosoft very easy to use. The base unit unit  can be plugged into any enabled computer throughout the building, giving greater flexibility.

Once the ECG has been obtained, the requesting physician can view the ECG from any computer terminal within seconds. In most cases this will allow the HCA to detach the patient and send on them way, rather than having to wait in the corridor with the paper printout for the GP to view. Working from 3 sites this is a great advantage. The report can be incorporated into the computer records of the patient with just a few clicks.

The quality and interpretation is excellent - I can only recommend this ECG equipment.