Pinnacle Peak Flow Meter

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Peak Flow Meter from Pinnacle.

A peak flow meter is able to measure how fast someone is able to breathe out, giving them their peak flow score. This can indicate whether their airways are narrowed.

A low peak flow can be a sign that someone has asthma, although other tests such as spirometry will often be needed to confirm the diagnosis. For someone who has already been diagnosed with asthma, measuring their peak flow regularly can be a great way of monitoring their condition.

The Pinnacle Peak Flow Meter comes with a plastic reusable mouthpiece. Disposable Mouthpieces are also available separately.

  • Dimensions (mm): 44 dia x 195 (Including mouthpiece)
  • Weight: 85 gm (98 gm, packed with documents)
  • Measuring Range: 60 – 900 L/MIN
  • Accuracy: <5% (ATS/EU)
  • Repeatability: <±2% (Intra-instrument)
  • Max. flow resistance: 0.30 kPa/l/s @c550L/MIN
  • Standard compliance: ISO 23747; ATS (NAEP 1997); AS/NZ 4237
  • EEC compliance: CE marked and certified.


  • Storage: -20ºC - +40ºC. Humidity: <95%
  • Shelf life: 3 years