Jumper Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

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  • Reliable and accurate - clinically tested and recommended by doctors and paediatricians.
  • Multifunctional - for the measurement of adults, children and ambient air
  • Readings retrieval - can store and recall up to 20 readings
  • Silent operation - especially useful for overnight measurement
  • Safe and hygienic - no-touch operation helps minimise spread of germs
  • LCD display - with dual colour temperature alert feature


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Jumper JPD-FR203 Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer.

Reliable and accurate, the Jumper Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer has been clinically tested and is the most recommended infrared thermometer by doctors and paediatricians.

It can measure the forehead, objects and ambient temperature and can store and recall up to 20 readings. It has a silent operation and its non-touch operation helps to minimise the spread of germs.

The Jumper Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer features a clear and easy to read backlit LCD screen with dual colour screen to alert you when temperature is abnormal. A smart fever alarm will alert you when the temperature is over 38°C.

Display: HD LCD Display

Measuring Range & Accuracy:

Forehead mode: 35.0°C-42.2°C ; +/-0.2°C
Object mode: 0.0°C-100.0°C ; +/- 1.0°C

Battery: AAAx2

Memory Storage: 20 sets of measurement data

Temperature Units: °C/°F adjustable

Automatic Shutdown Function: 10s +1s

Display Resolution: 0.1°C/0.1°F